85% of Windows 8 Users Choose the Desktop on Day 1 – Microsoft

But most of them are getting used to the Modern GUI after all, the company claims

Microsoft has officially rolled out Windows 8 in October and sales are apparently going pretty well, as Tami Reller, head of the Windows business division, said earlier today, with 40 million copies sold in just a single month.

While that’s pretty important information that helps the media determine whether Windows 8 manages to meet sales projections or not, it’s also crucial to find out how many adopters actually get used to the new interface often deemed confusing.

Reller claims that most of the users still rely on the desktop after deploying Windows 8, but most of them are slowly discovering the advantages of Metro as soon as they start using the OS.

According to her very own stats, 85 percent of the Windows 8 adopters find the desktop more familiar on day one, but in the first three weeks with the new operating system, the Start Screen is becoming an important element for the overall experience with the OS.

Most users add 19 different tiles to the Windows 8 Start Screen during this timeframe, Reller explained, while 25 percent of the adopters go even further and configure the Start Menu replacement with 30 new live tiles.

Windows 8’s Charms are impressively successful, as 90 percent of the consumers find, explore and use them since the first day with the operating system.

“The journey is just beginning, but I am pleased to announce today that we have sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far,” Reller said, trying to emphasize that Windows 8 is not a disappointing product by any means.

In addition, the built-in Windows Store is also growing bigger, as the number of Windows 8 has doubled since the debut of the new operating system, according to Microsoft’s very own stats. Unofficial sources, however, claim there are nearly 20,000 apps available in the Store right now.

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