84-Inch 4K Touch Table Revealed by 3M

This is one of the few 4K products that isn't a TV or monitor

The ultra high-definition resolution had its moment at the Consumer Electronics Show, and we are now covering, somewhat belatedly, a certain product that has a 4K screen, one made by 3M.

A diagonal of 84 inches means a huge display area, which is why Toshiba chose it for its 4K LED UHDTV, and wasn't the only one.

3M had different ideas though, since it didn't actually go for a TV. Instead, it took one of those large panels and placed it horizontally.

After that, it added the sort of hardware that even the most advanced touchscreens will be envious of.

The result was a 4K 84-inch table (3840 x 2160 pixels resolution) with 40-finger touch support that won't be disrupted by people placing bottles on the screen or leaning on/over it.

In the future, 3M hopes to increase the number of touch inputs to 100 or more. The video embedded above, from VentureBeat, has a demo.

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