8-Inch Slate Vendors Struggling to Keep Afloat, Offer Price Cuts [DigiTimes]

Companies like Acer, MSI and Asus have resorted to lowering their price expectations

In an effort to bring in more customers, tablet manufacturers have tried their hands at building 8-inch slates. Nevertheless it appears 8-inch models fail to bring in a significant number of customers, so vendors are forced to rely on their 7-inch models for revenue if they have any available.

Others, like Asus have resorted to bringing prices for the larger slates closer to those of the 7-inch models, said sources familiar with the matter reported by DigiTimes.

Asus has just launched its 8-inch MeMO Pad 8 on its home market in Taiwan for the relatively affordable price of $271 / €200.

With most 7-inchers in the Android market sporting a price bellow the $199 / €147 segment and Apple’s iPad mini bearing a $329 / €243 price tag, the best hope for 8-inch vendors remains to try and create a place in the $199 / €147 - $329 / €243 market.

Even so, with more 7-inch tablets packing more and more advanced and appealing specifications like the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and 10-inch models seeing their prices cut down, 8-inch tablets are left in a limbo they can’t seem to escape from.

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