7GHz Pentium?

How much can a processor take?

How far can you push a processor without setting your room on fire? The Japanese that has the blog at this address must have asked himself the same question. We couldn't find out his name, because we skipped the Japanese for computers classes when we were in school and so did Google's translator, it seems.

Anyway, if we are to take after the photos, the tenacious Japanese has succeeded to master the art of overclocking, by forcing a Pentium to reach 7 GHz.

The processor in question is a Pentium 4 670 Prescott, whose speed was designed by Intel at 3.8 GHz. The system used by the Japanese to push things to the limit is built around an ASUS P5WD2 motherboard with two 512 MB RAM CORSAIR PC2-5400UL modules of memory, and the cooling system was ARC Pot Revc.12.1xe LN2; the operating system installed on the system was Windows Server 2003.

After the preparations were done, the Pentium 4 670 Prescott processor reached 7132.82 MHz (375,4 MHz FSB x 19).

On the blog's page, whose address is provided above, there are also photos taken during testing and photos of the cooling system.

Last time we heard of a Pentium processor that ran at 5 GHz instead of 3.8 GHz was at CeBIT, and the system consisted of ABIT, ATI, Kingston and Asetek components.

I think it's time for Guiness Book to open a new section for the most overclocked processor, because there are already plenty of competitors.

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