79-Year-Old Wolfman Lets Wolves Eat from His Mouth

Werner Freund says the animals only obey him because he behaves like an alpha male

Werner Freund is now making headlines, and many refer to him as the real wolfman. This is because this former paratrooper has spent the last 40 years living amongst wolves.

As Werner Freund explains, these wild animals obey him and refrain from trying to attack him because, even if they occasionally enjoy a quiet meal together, he never forgets to behave like an alpha male and constantly reminds them who the boss is.

The wolves Werner Freund now spends most of his time with were given to him by zoos and animal parks, and this man did everything in his power to make sure that the sanctuary he built for them in Merzig, Germany was well suited to meet their needs.

Sources report that, for the time being, Werner's wildlife sanctuary is home to 29 such predators which make up six distinct packs.

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