78-Year-Old Boston Runner Featured in Viral Photo Gets Up, Finishes Race

Bill Iffrig already completed 44 marathons, he was participating in his 45th

The identity of a 78-year-old man running the Boston Marathon and being thrown to the ground in yesterday' explosions has gone viral, leaving everyone wondering about the man's condition and identity.

The elderly runner featured in the photo is Bill Iffrig of Boston, participating in his 45th race and entering the Boston Marathon for the third time.

The Sydney Morning Herald described that, after this picture was taken, Iffrig got up and finished the race.

“After you've run 26 miles (42 km), you're not going to stop there,” he said.

As I mentioned, three people have died and 140 have been injured in two blasts near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A video of the moment when one of the bombs goes off has already made the rounds online.

Meanwhile, a shot of a man walking along a rooftop as one of the bombs goes off gives the impression that he could be involved in the attack.

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