76 Government Websites from Turkey Hacked and Defaced

Most of the breached websites appear to belong to medical institutions

A total of 76 Turkish government websites have been breached and defaced by hackers of HacKingZCrew. 

The hackers haven’t defaced the sites’ index pages. Instead, they’ve added a separate defacement webpage to each one of them.

According to Cyber News, all the impacted websites are hosted on the same server (Windows Server). This allowed the attackers to upload a shell and deface all of them without too much hassle.

It appears that most of hacked websites belong to hospitals and other medical institutions. The list of victims includes the Batman Ministry of Health, Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the Fatsa State Hospital, the Goiter Nut Research Center, the Duzkoy District Hospital, the Savsat State Hospital and the Torul District Hospital.

At the time of writing, most of the websites still hosted the defacement pages.

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