75% of a Man's Skull Replaced by 3D-Printed Implant

The implant is made of a biocompatible polymer and promotes bone growth

Here is something that may make people think 3D printing is moving a bit too fast: an implant was used on a skull surgery.

Oxford Performance Materials received FDA approval to use 3D printed implants last month.

That still didn't prepare us for the news that no less than 75% of a person's skull was replaced with a prosthetic made of polyetherketoneketone, a biocompatible polymer that won't interfere with X-rays.

The prosthetic was made with small etched details that will promote bone and cell growth.

Still, the fact remains that, as odd as it sounds, most of the skull was replaced by a prosthetic made through an additive printing process.

It is unclear if 75% means three quarters of the skull area or three quarters of the skull's mass. Either way, it is a big change.

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