7 Siblings Missing from Fresno Found Safe and Sound with Father

The children have been located in Sacramento with their estranged father

Police have found seven siblings who disappeared from their home in Fresno, California on Saturday, February 23.

Reps for the Sacramento Police Department detail that the kids are safe and sound, and have been with their father in Sacramento all this time. While no charges have been put forward as of yet, officials are still investigating the incident.

The children, aged 5 to 12, were reported missing by their mother and stepfather, who returned home after grocery shopping in the evening and noticed that they were gone.

Questioned by police officers, they admitted they had been out for seven hours. Their youngest were left in the care of the older brothers and sisters.

Chee Nou Yang, 12, Cha Meng Yang, 11, Zia Yang, 10, Chue Feng Yang, 8, Zang Yang, 7, Tria Yang, 6, and Tou Ger Yang, 5 have been found with their estranged father in Sacramento, Fresno Bee writes.

"We went and knocked doors - door by door - all around at nighttime," stepfather Bee Lor tells ABC affiliate KFSN.

"We thought maybe our children might play around with the friends around here, the neighbors," he adds, describing how the parents felt when the children went missing.

According to Fresno police Sgt. Jaime Rios, father Xa Yang hadn't had contact with the family during the last three years.

The parents recalled that he came around in December, wanting to get in touch with the kids. Lor suspected that he might have the children with him.

"We thought maybe he's probably watching and he knew we left for the store and maybe he just came over and just got them," he says.

As no custody agreement was in place between the parents, he had the legal right to take them with him, as long as he checked in until Tuesday, 10 days later.

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