7 Million UHD TV Shipments Predicted for 2016

Over half a million 4K TVs will reach buyers homes this year

Another day, another forecast. This time we have DigiTimes Research saying what it expects to see from the new segment of ultra high-definition television.

The prediction is in line with previous rumors: the market will progress steadily but will only become large several years down the line.

For 2013, DigiTimes Research expects a shipment figure of around 500,000.

By 2016 though, the shipment level is bound to reach 7 million. Not exactly close to the level of normal displays, but quite high for what is, essentially, a luxury resolution and image quality.

Currently, panel makers are manufacturing 50- to 110-inch UHD TVs.

As soon as 4K TV content becomes available, all the conditions for a successful TV type will be met. That 4K UHD DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapters are now possible only helps.

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