7-Inch Haier Haipad M9 Tablet Sells for Just $140

Chinese company Haier has reportedly decided to create a new version of the Haipad tablet, one that has advanced touch capabilities, despite the screen size, and a very low price, all things considered.

Haier may not have made a name for itself on the tablet market yet, but this doesn't mean it plans to leave things as they are.

If anything, it might even succeed in scoring sales, at least in its home country, by virtue of pricing plans alone.

Indeed, as made more or less clear by the folks over at M.I.C Digi, the admittedly low price of 900 Yuan will go a long way towards scoring sales.

For those that want to make a comparison to the multi-hundred-dollar costs of the better-known tablets out there, whether they are of the 7-inch or 10-inch varieties, 900 is the rough equivalent of US$140.

Small sum of required funds firmly in hand, Haier did throw in an extra advantage in the form of sophisticated touch support.

By way of explanation, though the panels measures 7 inches in diagonal, it is said to boast an advanced multitouch technology, one that can track five touch points at once, for intuitive gesture control when navigating, editing photos, etc.

For those that want to know the hardware specifics, Haier's Haipad M9, as it is called, relies on a dual-core EV2 processor, based on the A9 microarchitecture and whose clock is of 533 MHz.

A PowerVR SGX530 GPU is part of the central platform as well, while 4 GB of built-in flash memory handle the storage side of things.

All the hardware is kept operational by a 4400 mAh battery which, according to the same report, can last on a single charge for up to six hours. Finally, though future versions might end up getting them, 3G and GPS are absent in this case.

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