7 Hurt After Monkeys Attack Village in Indonesia

The animals entered people's homes, bit them and clawed at them

The people living in the Indonesian village of Toddang Pulu have recently found themselves attacked by a group of ten monkeys. Apparently, the animals simply walked into the village and started entering homes.

In spite of the people's efforts to keep them at bay, as many as seven individuals were injured and required medical attention.

Information made available to the general public thus far says that a young boy, aged 16, was so badly wounded that he had to be rushed to a local hospital and have his injuries treated there.

Despite the fact that the species to which these monkeys belong is yet to be named, it looks like the animals came from the forests of the Sidendeng Rappang District of the South Sulawesi province, where said village is located.

Interestingly enough, the people who were attacked by these monkeys claim that they did not in any way interfere with the animals' well-being, and that besides their occasionally conducting rituals in these forests, they keep away from the animals' natural habitat.

Furthermore, these villagers do their best to safeguard the natural ecosystems in this part of the world, which is why the attack cannot be linked to the idea that the monkeys had lost their homes as a result of deforestations carried out by these villagers.

Furthermore, wildlife specialists explain that these monkey are usually fearful of humans and do their best to stay clear of them, which is why their attacking the village must be labeled as a highly peculiar behavior.

According to International Business Time, this is not the first time when a group of monkeys goes haywire and attacks people seemingly unprovoked.

More precisely, a similar attack was reported back in 2012 in Malaysia. As well as this, Bali, Thailand, Mexico, China, Laos and India are no strangers to such clashes between humans and wildlife either.

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