7 Firefighters Gather Up Strength to Save a Squirrel in Distress

The animal fell from a tree, got stranded in the middle of a pond

More often than not, stories about firefighters doing their best in rescuing an animal in distress revolve around cats getting stuck up a tree and not being able to get back on the ground all by themselves.

However, seven firefighters from Watford, Hertfordshire have managed to make headlines by helping a squirrel in distress get back in a tree it had fallen from.

Daily Mail reports that the animal somehow fell in a local pond, and that all of its attempts to climb up the concrete walls and make an escape ended in failure.

Because of this, it took refuge on some reeds found towards the pond's middle area, and remained there for a while, carefully assessing the situation.

Luckily for the squirrel, help was well on its way: the firefighters arrived at the scene almost immediately after having been called, and soon enough the animal was rescued.

Needless to say, the squirrel made a quick getaway in a nearby bush the moment its feet got back on the pavement.

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