7,000 Nokia Lumia 920 Units Sold in 7 Hours in Hong Kong

The number has yet to be officially confirmed by Nokia

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 were officially launched in Hong Kong several days ago. However, both smartphones sold out in a matter of hours leaving lots of Windows Phone 8 with a bitter taste.

According to the latest reports, the Lumia 920 sold out in less than 7 hours since it had gone on sale, but there have been no details on the stock available in Hong Kong until recently.

Well, it appears that only 7,000 Lumia 920 units were available for purchase in Hong Kong in the first place.

Obviously, that wasn’t nearly enough to fulfill the high demand for the smartphone, which is why the first stock exhausted so quickly.

The folks over at NokiaPoweruser report that many carriers around the world claim the high demand for Nokia Lumia 920 depleted their stocks in less than a day in most cases.

Although there are rumors that the Finnish company wasn’t prepared for such a high demand for Lumia 920 and only shipped limited stocks worldwide, it looks like there’s a huge backlog of devices that needs to be fulfilled.

Even though all 7,000 Lumia 920 units sold out in Hong Kong in 7 hours, word is that a high number of pre-orders have yet to be fulfilled by Nokia. No numbers have been unveiled yet, but we will keep an eye out for this one.

Nokia Lumia 920 stocks quickly depleted in most European countries as carriers and retailers reported high demand for the device, including Orange France, TIM Italy and Clove UK.

The smartphone is sold out at most carriers in Finland, Sweden and Germany with promises that a new batch of Lumia 920 units will arrive in early December, though Nokia has yet to come forward with more details on this one. Stay tuned for additional info on the matter.

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