68 Pythons Found and Killed During this Year's Florida Hunt

Burmese pythons are an invasive species in Florida, wildlife researchers explain

As previously reported, quite a lot of people agreed to take part in this year's so-called Burmese python challenge, their goal being that of locating and killing as many snakes belonging to this species as possible.

Information made available to the general public by Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission says that, in just one month's time, a total of 68 such snakes were tracked down in the state's Big Cypress National Preserve.

Given the fact that pythons are considered to be an invasive species in Florida, it need not come as a surprise that all of these snakes were later on killed.

Sources report that the biggest python caught and killed as part of this competition measured a whopping 14 feet, 3 inches (roughly 4.3 meters) in length.

“It's an amazing challenge to try to come out and hunt these big snakes,” hunter Dennis Jordan told members of the press.

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