66% of IT Pros Say the iPad Has Replaced Their Laptop

And over 70% now buy fewer physical books and newspapers, an IDG study shows

More and more IT professionals are using their iPad for work communication, rather than personal communication, a survey by IDG Connect has found.

Based on interviews with IT and business professionals across every continent, the survey saw nearly a quarter of respondents say they had their iPad supplied by work.

This was most common in continents like Africa (47%) and Europe (40%).

Half of the surveyed individuals said they always used the device at work, almost as many as those who always use it at home exclusively. In the Middle East and Africa, over 70% always use it at work. Less than half always use it at home, the study found.

But while the iPad is popular among IT and business professionals, the information served through this medium still needs to be better tailored for tablet consumption, and B2B marketers should waste no more time, according to the IDG report.

This conclusion stems from the following findings:

- 97% of professionals use the iPad for reading

- 70% + now buy fewer physical books and newspapers

- 72% of iPad owners carry their laptop less

- 66% say the iPad has partially or completely replaced their laptop

Finally, those relying on their iPads for all these activities said they would never consider buying a different tablet when they decided to refresh the one they were using.

83% said they “would not consider buying a different tablet device next time,” showing a robust loyalty to Apple, the survey found.

Kathryn Cave, editor at IDG Connect International said “This research shows the tablet is fast becoming a true work device, provided by employers and used in the office for business communication. It also highlights some startling regional variations, emphasising the need for marketers to adapt content to local markets as well as new mediums.”

To access the full report (available as an interactive pdf that includes case studies on each continent), visit IDG Connect here. The company has a white paper iPad app on the App Store, which also offers the case study.

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