65% of Organizations Suffer Three DDOS Attacks a Year, Study Finds

Radware has released a new report to detail such cyber threats

Radware, a company that specializes in security solutions aimed at protecting networks against distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, has released a study called “Cyber Security on the Offense: A Study of IT Security Experts.”

The figures reveal that, on average, 65% of organizations have experienced three DDOS attacks over the past 12 months. On the other hand, less than half of them are monitoring their systems for any signs of an attack.

Furthermore, most companies haven’t set in place proactive and preventive systems to protect themselves against such cybercriminal operations.

In the past, data leakage and attacks designed to damage the integrity of a company were the main concern. However, now, DDOS attacks are more problematic because availability has become very important for many organizations.

Each year, firms lose $3.5 million (2.73 million EUR) because of DDOS attacks and in the future, the lack of preparedness will cost them even more.

“The reality is that cyber threats are outpacing security professionals, leaving most organizations vulnerable and unprepared,” explained Avi Chesla, chief technology officer at Radware.

“From hacktivists to cyber criminals, companies live under the constant threat of assaults that contribute to lost revenue and serious reputational damage.”

The complete report is available here.

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