This February 65-Inch LCD TVs Will Be 8% Cheaper, 32-Inch 2%

The major holiday seasons in North America and China are showing their effect

Liquid crystal display television sets haven't been selling very well this quarter, because of the Chinese Lunar New Year that implies a week of festivities during which many things, IT products included, don't sell too well.

This holiday affects people from Asia and North America and lasts a week. Speaking of the latter region, Groundhog Day also happens this month (February 2).

And while Valentine's Day does act as a reason to get a new gadget for loved ones, it is mostly the only one.

Thus, February has been a slow month, as it always is. It is a great reason for why the first quarter of every year qualifies as a slow season.

According to Digitimes Research, the liquid crystal display TV market will feel the effects of the drop in demand quite acutely.

32-inch TVs will suffer a price decline of 2%, while 65-inch TVs will drop 8%. In the case of the latter, that would bring the ASP (average selling price) to $3,143 / 2,350-3,143 Euro.

Since Foxconn and Sharp are turning their eyes to 70-inch and 80-inch LCD TVs as well, it is possible that tags for all 60-inch and larger screens will fall further.

We do not exactly know how long the phenomenon would last, but it could take months, due to a continuing price war between Foxconn Electronics and Sharp on one side, and everyone else on the other.

This, obviously, can only mean good things for consumers. Lower prices are always welcome.

For those that haven't been following all the minutiae on the display industry, Foxconn and Sharp have jointly invested in a 10G manufacturing line for 60-inch LCD TVs. This is the main reason for the aforementioned panel price drop this month.

Many of the LCDs will be Smart TVs, since consumers from around the world, China especially, like their TVs versatile.

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