64-Year-Old Living near Los Angeles Could Be the Man Behind Bitcoin

Even if he’s not the famous Satoshi Nakamoto, his life will certainly change

The “legend” says Bitcoin, the now infamous virtual currency, was developed by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto. While many believed that this might just be a pseudonym, reporters from Newsweek tracked down a man named Satoshi Nakamoto, who could be the man behind Bitcoin.

So far, Satoshi Nakamoto has been a mysterious character. No one knew much about him and the few people who have spoken to him couldn’t get much out of him about his personal life.

After months of investigating, Newsweek reporters visited the man they believe to be the creator of the virtual currency.

He’s a 64-year-old Japanese-American who at one point worked for the US military. Some of his family members say he’s definitely a smart man, suggesting that he could be the creator of the virtual currency.

In addition to doing classified work for the military, he also worked for various corporations, including Hughes Aircraft. He collects model trains and, at one point, he even built his own computer.

When reporters showed up at his house, he called the police.

The only thing he told Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman was, “I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it. It’s been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection.”

After that, the police officers present at the scene asked the McGrath Goodman to leave.

While this particular Satoshi Nakamoto could very well be the creator of Bitcoin, the Internet doesn’t know what to think about Newsweek’s report.

On one hand, some people are excited about a potential mystery being solved. On the other hand, most accuse Newsweek of acting irresponsibly.

The publication has not only shown the entire world a picture of his house and one of him, but also suggested that he might have $400 million (€291 million) worth of Bitcoins. It took internauts only minutes to find his exact address by using street view on Google Maps.

Another aspect highlighted by many is that the reporter has revealed how she obtained Nakamoto’s email address – “through a company he buys model trains from.”

First of all, the company in question (it hasn’t been named), shouldn’t have given up the email address of a customer. Then, the reporter revealed its source, putting the company in the spotlight.

So what do you think? Is Satoshi Nakamoto, the 64-year-old living near Los Angeles, the creator of Bitcoin?

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