6126 Leggings by Lindsay Lohan Take Off in High Style

High prices should not stop a true fashionista from getting what she wants

Despite the economical recession and the initial skepticism of many fashion insiders, the leggings designed and proudly donned on so many occasions by Lindsay Lohan are selling like hot cakes. Fashion experts once hailing the end of the “leggings era” are now silenced by the huge commercial success of the tights line introduced by the actress, both in the USA and abroad. The movie star and former teen idol has proven once more that her endurance in the ever-shifting world of showbiz hardly knows any limits.


The leggings line was named 6126 in the memory of the diva of the ‘50s, Marilyn Monroe, and her date of birth. The collection features 35 different styles of tights, in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Don't be surprised to find leopard prints too, as well as the audacious zipped leggings Lindsay herself has been photographed wearing. Another plus for the remarkable endeavor is the high quality of the fabrics – nothing less but cotton and cashmere.


The quality and the uniqueness of all the 35 models of leggings might be the reason why women all over the globe are yearning to have at least a pair. The almost unbelievably quick way in which the tights flew off the shelves came as a major surprise, especially because of their price, which ranges from $44 to $132. The absolute best seller from Lindsay's line is actually the most expensive item – the Mr. President tights, with black legs and gray leather knee patches, have now become a fashion “must have.”


Lindsay has already considered the idea of coming up with a different collection of leggings each season, to meet the needs and the desires of shopping-addicts worldwide. As publicist Ali Brubaker said not long ago, when referring to the new hit-line, “We are building a lifestyle brand that represents timeless glamour.” There will be definitely more to see and hear of Lindsay's leggings.

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