60-Inch TVs Are Vizio's New Focus

Large-size television sets are becoming more important

2013 is almost here, which means that all IT companies have to get into their newest schedules and enact their plans.

Display developer VIZIO is determined to play an aggressive hand on the market for large displays, particularly HDTVs.

According to Digitimes, 60-inch panels are something the company is paying a particularly high level of attention to.

Vizio intends to do well this year too. As far as 60-inch LED-backlit TVs are concerned, it hopes to sell 200,000 during the year-end holidays in North America.

Consumers might not make it easy to reach that goal though, due to the apparently higher interest in the 55-inch form factor.

At this rate, it is quite likely that Vizio will launch a 60-inch 4K TV at some point, just like Sharp did, as we’ve seen quite clearly here.

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