6-Year-Old Crashes Mother's BMW Car in Pittsburgh

The young driver stole her mom's keys and attempted to maneuver the vehicle

Police reports dub a 6-year-old girl responsible for an automobile crash in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The little girl, whose name has not been disclosed, has taken her mother's BMW car in an attempt to visit her father.

Local station WPXI places the incident on Sunday, at approximately 9 a.m. Police Sgt. Jerry Parker stated that the mother was still asleep when the daughter stole her keys and tried to maneuver the vehicle.

"How she knew how to operate a car, your guess is as good as mine," the Sergeant says.

Neighbor Rommie Hawkins has witnessed her driving attempt, even trying to catch up to her and stop the car.

“I jumped over like this when she hit the curb and then she bounced off the curb and started going this way. [...] I was running with it,” he describes.

A former football player with the University of Tennessee team, Hawkins has pursued her on Woodbine Street in Stanton Heights, only to be ignored.

“I was running and telling her to stop. She looked at me and just looked back,” he explains.

The motivated and resourceful young driver's journey eventually came to a screeching halt when she rammed into two stationary cars.

As one of them was hit, it was launched in front, smashing into a third parked car. The BMW then swerved into a utility pole, stopping abruptly.

“We heard a boom when she hit the vehicle. [...] Then I was up there to grab her and pull her out. I turned the key off and put the car in park. She was still trying to drive,” Hawkins recalls.

The girl has escaped the crash unscathed, and, fortunately, nobody has been injured during her driving adventure. She did get to see her father, when he came to pick her up after police arrived.

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