$6 Million to Build the Boston Apple Retail Store

Apple paid $236,000 just to demolish the original building on the site

ifoAppleStore came across the electrical and plumbing permits for Apple's Boylston Street (Boston) store and they reveal that the Cupertino-based electronics maker has spent roughly $6 million on building it. Lighting, plumbing and even the work permits themselves are mentioned in the financial balance sheet, as well as the $236,000 paid to demolish the original building on the site. More details below.

The folks handling news and information about Apple Inc.'s retail stores say "the complexity of an Apple store is visible to visitors, but beneath the structure of stainless steel, glass and stone is another level of complexity that is just as important." The latter was revealed by city permit records which show that the electrical, plumbing and other systems inside the retail outlets are "extensive" as well as "expensive."

Apple paid a whopping $971,000 for the electrical installation comprised of 550 lighting fixtures, 224 electrical receptacles and 25 switched outlets, 17 motors for various air conditioning and elevator operations, a 200 KVA gas-fired generator inside the roof building to supply electricity when outages occur, 51 security devices, 94 data outlets and 90 "telecommunications" devices. According to city permits, the power consumed for lighting could power up "12 average-sized homes."

The plumbing is comprised of three water closets, one kitchen sink and four lavatories in the basement, along with one hot water heater, slop sink, one urinal, one drinking fountain and two boilers. The store's video surveillance system uses 36 cameras for both the store's public and non-public areas.

Work permits include $11,590 just for the permit covering the installation of temporary electrical service during construction. Apple had to pay another $80,900 for the permanent electrical work permit, while the closed-circuit TV permit was $20,700. The plumbing permit was $17,000, and the gas fitting permit $12,000. Don't forget the $236,000 paid by Apple to demolish the original building on the site.

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