5Fad and BrainMedia to Launch Mobile Streaming Service in China

Music Streaming Service on China's 2.5 network

5Fad, one of the biggest music websites in China, announced that it has partnered with BrainMedia to launch a mobile streaming service that will enable Chinese customers to enjoy 3G quality services on their existing 2.5G data network.

5Fad has released a Music Wireless Search and Music Streaming Service and will be beta testing in a controlled test group environment. What users need to do is download the 5Player in order to listen to high quality music on their mobile handsets. The Mobile Music Service is expected to greatly enhance the development of the mobile streaming service market. 5Fad is the first company in China to launch a Music Streaming Service over the existing 2.5G network.

5Fad is an Internet entertainment company that holds the largest number of original music copyrights, controlling about 80% of the Chinese music market. While 5Fad provides the music content for the partnership, BrainMedia - a developer of a codec technology for low bit-rate encoding - will provide the technical part with a platform specifically designed for wireless music delivery. BrainMedia's technology enables the user to create high quality audio content at the lowest bit-rate available, for use on China's current 2.5G wireless network.

"China is the biggest wireless communication market, having over 500 million mobile subscribers, achieving above 40% of the global market share. The Mobile Music market is estimated to grow its revenue over tens of billions RMB. With the 3G deployment, more and more domestic companies will enter this market and face fierce competition. Now 5Fad has actively seized the 1st position in the 2.5G Mobile Streaming Service Market. So its future will be very promising," said Duanping Wu, CEO of 5Fad.

The commercial release of the Mobile Streaming Music Service using the 5Player is planned for the first quarter of 2007.

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