56-Year-Old Woman Kills Wolf, Uses Nothing but an Axe

The animal attacked her cattle, the woman had no choice but to fight back

The news just broke that a 56-year-old Russian woman from the village of Novo Biryuzyak in Dagestan managed to kill a wolf armed with nothing except an axe.

As Aishat Maksudova explains, the animal attacked her cattle, leaving her with no choice but to fight back or risk losing her means of making a living.

Although the wolf grabbed hold of her and bit one of her hands, the woman was not in the least frightened and continued to wrestle with it.

After trying to control the wolf with her bare hands, the woman picked up an axe and used it to kill the animal.

“I was not even frightened. I stood like this, holding an axe like this,” the woman says. Furthermore, “With an open mouth, the wolf suddenly jumped at me.”

The video below shows Aishat narrating the entire incident.

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