500W 80Plus Platinum Smart Power Supply Released by Chieftec

It is passively cooled and should already be up for pre-order

Passively-cooled power supplies are rare, for the simple reason that all the electricity going through them makes a lot of heat, but Chieftec managed to remove the need for a fan when it made the GPS-500C, and that's just a part of the new power supply's charm.

The latest member of the Smart Series family may sound ordinary, with its output of 500 W, but that's actually a misleading figure.

The efficiency of the PSU is over 90%, which has earned it 80Plus Platinum certification, the highest level on the PSU efficiency scale, above bronze, silver and gold.

That makes it equal, in ability to power high-end hardware, to lower-end PSUs of 700W or even more.

Considering this, the fact that the PSU makes do with only a heatsink for cooling is doubly impressive.

Pre-orders for the semi-modular newcomer can be placed here, for 132.78 Euro / $171.41.


Chieftec 500W GPS-500C PSU (2 Images)

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