50 Cent Reveals Weight Gain, Says He’s Eating

Rapper emerges looking more like his former self

Just days ago, rapper 50 Cent unveiled a few pictures of himself in which he would have been nearly impossible to recognize if he hadn’t explicitly stated they were truly of him. The star lost a lot of weight for a movie, in which he plays a cancer sufferer but now, four weeks after shooting has wrapped he’s almost back to his former self, Monsters And Critics informs.

Fiddy, who repeatedly stated that he wanted to make a name for himself in movies and prove that he’s way more than meets the eye, went on a liquid diet in order to lose weight and do so fast. The photos he posted on his official webpage showed him nearly skin and bones, which speaks volumes as to his determination to make it as an actor and his dedication. Of course, knowing just how well-built and muscular 50 was contributed to the shock of seeing him so frail.

“A month after production wrapped, 50 is almost back. Only one week after revealing his dramatic weight-loss, rapper 50 Cent showed off a healthier figure during a performance in Colorado. The performer, real name Curtis Jackson, shed 54 pounds for a role in Things Fall Apart, a movie about a footballer diagnosed with cancer – he also wrote the film. Images of the gaunt star are said to have shocked fans when he posted them on his blog recently. The rapper told fans at a concert on Wednesday: ‘I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time,’ Contact Music reports,” the e-zine says.

Of course, 50 is still a long way to go until he becomes his buff self again, but the first step in the right direction has been taken. As all movie lovers must know, it’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to undergo drastic transformations to better become the character they’re playing in a movie. Still, when they lose or gain this much weight or, on the contrary, hit the gym and pack many pounds of muscle, they’re putting their health at risk, specialists warned a while back, as we also reported.

“It’s not healthy. It puts a strain on your heart, especially if your body isn’t ready. In order to gain bulk this fast, many celebrities end up on a short program that packs on heavy, heavy weight, and works the muscles to an extreme in order to get them to grow,” AFTA-certified trainer Sylwia Wiesenberg said.

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