50 Cent Promotes New Fitness Book on The Today – Video

Rapper leads a healthy life, says anyone can with a bit of discipline

That rapper 50 Cent is extremely disciplined when it comes to his diet and fitness is obvious from the way he managed to transform himself for a movie role, and then bounced back to shape. He’s now writing a lifestyle guide, “Formula 50,” and he’s promoting it on The Today Show.

Check out the video below, embedded at the end of this article, to hear what he had to say on the topic.

The book promises an incredible transformation in no more than 6 weeks and provides all the necessary tips for it, from workout routines, to diet tips and menus for the entire day.

The secret behind the rapper’s famously ripped body is a combination of metabolic resistance training (MRT) and a protein-rich diet, so expect the same to be revealed in the book.

To promote it, Fiddy sat down for an interview with Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show, explaining how he came to be so health-conscious.

He says it all started after he was shot in 2000 and had to go to a rehabilitation center to recover. His legs were pretty damaged, so he used to walk a lot on the treadmill, a habit he continued after he was done with rehab.

One thing led to another and, in months, working out at the gym had become part of his daily routine.

Fiddy doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs even though he used to rap about it. In fact, he even addresses this in the book.

“You might legitimately ask, ‘Who are you to preach about fitness? Aren’t you the guy who dropped joints like High All The Time?’ Hardly seems like a fitness anthem,” he writes.

“I don’t drink and I don’t use drugs, and I didn’t back then, either. I put that joint on the first record because I saw artists consistently selling 500,000 with that content,” 50 further says.

“I still get a rush off money, but I now realize it can serve a higher purpose: helping others. But unless you are physically strong and mentally tough, you can’t go out and make that money to enjoy it with the ones you love, or for whatever purpose you have in mind,” he explains.

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