50 Cent, Adam Levine Perform “My Life” on The Voice

Sometimes, the most unexpected collaboration is the best

As they say, sometimes the most unexpected collaboration is also the best. Adam Levine and 50 Cent joined forces to perform their brand new single “My Life” on The Voice the other night. 

Video of the performance is above.

Below is the official version of the track, which also includes rapper Eminem.

Even if you’re not a fan of either star (Fiddy or Adam), you have to admit the combination of such different sounds and styles is surprising in the most pleasant way possible.

“My Life” will be included on Fiddy’s upcoming album “Street King Immortal.”

I have to admit, I like the Eminem version best but that’s only because I’m partial to him.

Check out both versions and let me know: which is your favorite? On the same note, will you be buying 50’s album when it drops?

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