5-in-1 Dock Connector for iPad Has it All

Ever since its launch, many people have been sort of disappointed by the relatively small number of connectivity options provided by Apple's tablet, but it would seem that all the third party accessories that have made their way onto the market lately are starting to sort out this problem, one of the latest (and most complete) being the one you'll read about as follows, that brings no less than 5 different interface to the iPad's docking connector.

Spotted by the guys over at GizinChina, this tiny adapter packs enough connectivity options to make even the most demanding iPad user happy.

So, first and foremost, the docking adapter packs a dedicated video-out connector, that can be used for connecting the Apple tablet to a widescreen TV set and watch videos on a much “grander” scale.

Additionally, the device also sports an SD memory card reader (functioning with both MicroSD and normal SD memory cards), that can come in handy for transferring photos from a card to the iPad.

Next in line comes a microUSB port, whose purpose is to allow users to connect the iPad to a computer for carrying out file transfers, as well as a regular USB port, that can come in handy for attaching all sorts of accessories to the tablet (such as, for example, a keyboard, that can prove to be very useful when typing at high – speeds is required).

And the best part is that all of these connectors work simultaneously, which is certainly a thing worth pointing out (especially since we're talking about no-name, non-descript product manufactured in Shenzen, China).

Unfortunately, the guys over at GizinChina aren't saying much on the pricing and availability of this device, so we suspect that we won't see it out of China too soon.

However, we really wish that importers start bringing this thing into other markets as well, given the fact that all iPad owners will most likely find it to be extremely useful.

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