5-Year-Old's Homework Shows Animal Cruelty Is Never the Answer

“You should not hit dogs,” the kid wrote on a worksheet his teacher gave him

A five-year-old's homework assignment went viral in a matter of hours after having been posted on Reddit by one of his mother's close friends.

As seen in the picture above, this kid had to complete a sentence by looking at the picture next to it and by choosing between the words “fit” and “hit.” Obviously, semantics kept him from writing down “fit” as the proper answer.

Interestingly enough, ethics determined him to also bid the verb “hit” farewell: this 5-year-old added “pet” as the correct answer, and even explained his decision.

“You should not hit dogs,” he wrote on his worksheet. Hopefully, this kid's views on animal cruelty will determine some grownups to reconsider their treatment of animals.

One can only speculate that, following his solving the task at hand in this manner, the kid's parents are pretty darn proud of their son.

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