5 Worst Women's Trends This Year

2008 is on the run, and fashion addicts must draw the line and evaluate the results

Before taking a glance into the future fashion trends, maybe one should stop for a while and think about the mistakes of the past – if any. Nevertheless, fashion connoisseurs have already started to sum up the goods and the bads of the current fashion tendencies, which can be easily spotted on the street and not only. One of these experts is Terri Potraz, who recently revealed, on the NowPublic website, her top five worst choices, put together thanks to the enthusiastic support of fashion-wise people around the globe.

One of the things that are considered to be a fashion no-no is the metallic robot glove Beyonce has been lately spotted wearing. Even though this particular accessory is some sort of personal statement for the reputed artist and well-known fashionista, regular people just hope that the new tendency won't stick and that there will be no followers. Gossipers say that one's secret alter-ego can have, by far, much more imaginative forms of manifesting than Beyonce could come up with, in order to reveal hers.

The same listing also includes the plaid pants and the animal patterned clothes taking by storm this year's collections. Both items seem to share the same painful disgrace, since whoever is wearing them is considered old-fashioned or eccentric enough to dare break the common rules of society. The matter can still be debated, as there are all sorts of animal prints and women to wear them, not to mention people who really enjoy the retro look.

Still, no listing of not-that-fortunate choices would be complete without the useful and colorful, yet quite ugly crocs. No matter the size of your feet, they still make them look big and chunky. And when paired with some happy rainbow-like stockings, people’s reaction to that sight can be unpredictably dangerous. At least, that's what is being said.

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