5 Killed in Head-On Collision, Drivers Dead, Alcohol May Be a Factor in the Crash

The accident occurred late on Friday, February 8, near LaGrange, Georgia

News has just broken of a serious car accident southwest of LaGrange, in Georgia state, reports say. A two-car crash has proven deadly for five people.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety has issued a statement, clarifying that drivers Willie L. Hooks, 28, and Melanie Kay Lemmon, 23, both from LaGrange, were killed in the crash. They were both driving passenger vehicles.

Hooks, driving a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass, passed a vehicle in an area where that was not permitted, colliding with Lemmon’s 1995 Pontiac Grand Am.

As there is a possibility of alcohol being a contributing factor in the crash, an investigation is being performed to determine the motorist's blood-alcohol level.

Two more were injured during the incident that occurred in Troup County on Friday, February 8. At 6:45 p.m., the two vehicles entered a head-on collision on Old West Point Road, writes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright, the survivors received medical attention, one being treated at a Columbus hospital.

The second person required transportation by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center. They have both been described as being in “critical condition.”

They were passengers in Ms. Lemmon's vehicle, as were the 3 other victims who did not survive the crash.

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