5 Inmates Sue Beer and Wine Companies, Blame Alcohol for Their Crimes

Alcohol made them commit crimes, therefore financial compensations are in order

The news just broke that five inmates from Idaho recently decided to shift the blame for their crimes on alcohol.

Seeing how the alcohol was “given” to them by various beer and wine companies, they saw fit to sue them on account of an utter lack of warnings concerning how addictive certain alcoholic beverages were.

In other words, they only had a tad too much to drink and ended up committing crimes because national beer and wine companies failed to inform them about the consequences of alcohol abuse.

For the time being, no attorney offered to help these five inmates, and therefore the latter were left with no choice except draft the litigation themselves.

After stating their case, they emphasized that, from where they stood, the financial compensation they were entitled to amounted to a whopping $1 billion (€0.76 billion).

The companies they are suing are the following: Miller Brewing Company, Anheuser-Busch Co., Adolph Coors Co., Brown-Furman Co., American Brands Inc., Pepsi-Cola, RJR Nabisco, Gallo's Winery, Ernest Gallo and Julio Gallo.

According to Huffington Post, none of these companies has thus far made any statements with respect to this peculiar lawsuit.

However, given the media stir caused by these inmates, it is to be expected that sooner or later spokespersons for each of them will step up and address the matter at hand.

Of the five inmates now suing beer and wine companies for not warning them about the dangers of alcohol addiction, one is guilty of voluntary manslaughter (Keith Allan Brown) and one is in prison for having shot a person who suffered extensive injuries (Jeremy Joseph Brown).

The other three are doing time for grand theft, drug convictions and aggravated battery convictions (Cory Alan Baugh, Woodrow John Grant and Steven Todd Thompson).

Still, as Keith Allan Brown says, it was alcohol that caused the aforementioned incidents and crimes to happen. “At no time in my life, prior to me becoming an alcoholic, was I ever informed that alcohol was habit forming and addictive,” he argued.

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