5 Foods That Cause Constipation

Avoid certain foods that may prevent regularity

Useless to say, our bodies do not function like clockwork and, sometimes, we find ourselves wishing we could do something to make our digestion smoother, thus avoid feeling bloated and the pain of cramps. As FitSugar points out, a handful of foods can actually “clog us up,” which is why we should avoid them if we have a history of constipation.

One of the most well known binders is the banana so, as doctors also tell us, we should eat it as seldom as possible for a smoother digestion. This, of course, also includes banana shakes or cakes made with it. While these fruits contain a lot of fiber and are, therefore, very beneficial for our body, they are immensely popular for their binding properties, which makes it so that they’re always recommended in case of diarrhea.

Dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream, come in second on the list of culprits behind constipation. Regardless of their many benefits for our health, it has been shown that, for some, consuming a larger quantity of dairy products can lead to constipation, bloating, gas and cramps. However, since their binding properties depend entirely on the digestive system of each of us, it’s best to adapt the intake of such products to our individual needs.

Rice is, again, known for its excellent binding abilities, being perhaps the most used in case of a bad case of indigestion. It is a healthy whole grain, indeed, but it’s also off limits for all those that are looking to keep their digestion as regular as possible. The same goes for processed foods, which are stripped of their fiber content and have the ability to bind us up. Therefore, FitSugar advises us, we should choose bread and other baked goodies made with whole grain flour, and not with the enriched type.

Last but not least, it has also been shown that certain medications, such as iron supplements, antidepressants and pain pills (codeine and oxycodone), can lead to major constipation. In this case, it’s recommended we carefully read the label to check out the side-effects, and perhaps ask the doctor for another alternative, if constipation is listed among them.

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