5 Devastating Weapons That Are Actually Legal

Some remain legal on account of no laws for them

Hollywood movies oftentimes feature action stars wielding massive fire arms, which look so capable of bringing about the destruction of enemies that no one in their right mind would expect to see them on the street, owned by people who have no business carrying devastating weapons. Here is a list containing five of these weapons, as put together by the guys at Cracked.

The explosive compound tannerite is sold directly by distributors, and everyone looking to blow things up can buy it for a fair price. There are currently no rules banning the use of the explosive by the civilian population, on account of the fact that a powerful reaction can only be obtained by mixing two powders together. This is perfect for storage and transport, as the whole mix bears no risk of accidental ignition. Regularly, it's used for avalanche control, and, thus far, no deaths have been recorded from it.

It might come as a shock to many, but, in the US, improvised weapons are legal, mostly on account of the fact that guns can be bought from stores anyway. Legislators figured that there's no way to stop the spread of pistols and other such devices, especially in areas where people are known for their affinity of rifles and other improvised weaponry. The bad part about these items is that they carry a large level of risk, as they can explode and seriously injure the user at any time.

A surprise on the legal material list is Thermite, a powerful explosive compound that can easily cut through steel as if it were butter. It comes as a powder, made from aluminum and metal oxide, and burns with a heat of roughly 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,370 degrees Celsius). On the other side, it's highly stable and requires a very hot source of flame in order to ignite. This can only be achieved using magnesium, which can also be acquired from stores countrywide.

Most people think that a man wielding a flamethrower on the streets is suspicious at best, but apparently the law has no such concerns. In the US, it's legal to own and manage such a river-of-fire-spilling device in more than 40 states, while the rest have some regulations, in that possessing a weapon such as this can be considered a misdemeanor. Otherwise, people can buy them online for as little as $300, although their quality is relatively poor. Owners should watch how they use their flamethrowers, as when they explode they leave a pretty big crater.

Undoubtedly, the most surprising weapon anyone could legally see on the streets is the well-famed minigun, known from such movies as Terminator and Rambo. The cuddly, lethal machine gun can shoot up to 4,000 rounds per minute, and is perfectly able to fend off dozens of squads of soldiers, if placed correctly. However, the models produced before 1986 fall outside existing legislation, which leaves about 11 of these machines in the US. They are mostly owned by private collectors, although some emerge on the market occasionally, for prices as high as $400,000 each.


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