5 Dead in Tule River Indian Reservation Shootings, in California

The gunman and one of his young daughters died during the incident

A man opened fire at the Tule Indian Reservation near Porterville, California, this weekend. 5 people have died in the incident, including the shooter, KGET reports.

On Saturday, December 8, the Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies office was called on Chimney Road, to follow up on reports of a shooting. The scene was a family compound, in a remote region, on a hillside.

31-year-old Hector Celaya lived in a trailer, near his victims. He was described as quiet and withdrawn by his neighbors.

“He was quiet, stayed to himself and didn't go very many places,” neighbor Erwin Mcdarment says.

He had wounded 2 men and a woman fatally, as officers arrived at the scene. A man and a woman were found in a trailer, while the second male victim's body was located nearby.

“They were just shot in their homes, one was out by the shed, I think,” reservation resident Tracy Behill states.

Celaya's 7-year-old son was also injured in the shooting; however, his condition hasn't been made public at this point. Both his daughters were hurt, with one losing her life and the other recovering in the hospital. The 5- and 8-year-old girls were allegedly wounded by their father, Fox News details.

“It's just sad at the hands of their own father, and It's scary because that's just way close to home,” Behill adds.

The gunman was spotted at around 2 a.m., and officers opened fire as they chased him. He had fled in a green Jeep Grand Cherokee, and officers located him by using his cellphone signal.

He suffered serious gun injuries, and died just hours later. Authorities have described that he has a criminal record.

Celaya is “known to law enforcement, is known to use drugs,” a source informs.

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