$5.5 Million Is What a Good Patent Lawsuit Can Bring

It goes to show what a researcher can do when his lawyers know their stuff

As it happens, the former leader of Samsung's Research & Development division was not exactly happy with the circumstances of his departure. Namely, he didn't feel he’d been paid enough.

Now, some months and a lawsuit later, the Korean courts have ordered the company to pay the man roughly 6 billion won, or $5.5 million / 4.23 million Euro in unpaid patent bonuses.

One might think the sum is overkill. Still, Mr. Cheong did invent 20 technologies between 1991 and 1995, and also contributed to 10 local and 28 international patents.

After leaving Samsung, he applied for 17 US patents and 2 more China patents as well, but he never got compensated for them.

Since the court decided he is entitled to 10% of the revenue brought by his inventions, Samsung has to oblige. It can still appeal the decision though.

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