5,000 Sites Defaced by Bangladesh Cyber Army to Protest Against Indian Border Force

The hackers claim that some of the affected websites belong to the Indian government

A total of 5,385 websites have been defaced by the members of the Bangladesh Cyber Army as a form of protest against the brutal ways of the Indian Border Security Force.

A large majority of the affected sites appear to belong to Indian businesses, but the hackers told Softpedia that some of them were managed by Indian government organizations.

“Bangladesh Cyber Army is back again with a big hit! Again, as a protest of the brutality at the Bangladesh-India borders by the Indian Border forces, Bangladesh Cyber Army has hacked around 5,000 websites,” one of the hackers said.

At the time of writing, most of the 5,385 websites still display the logo posted by the attackers.

As the hacktivist highlights, this isn’t the first time when Bangladeshi hackers deface websites as a form of protest against the violent ways of the Border Security Force.

Back in April, 3xp1r3 Cyber Army defaced the main pages of 1,700 websites. A month later, the same group took credit for altering the sites of 643 organizations.

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