4th Generation Intel Haswell CPUs Set for Computex 2013 Launch

The new line of Core-series CPUs will debut during June, not sooner

Anyone thinking Intel will somehow launch its next generation of desktop and laptop processors in early 2013 will have to settle for a slice of dashed hopes.

This is because, if this rumor is true, then Intel will only launch Haswell during Computex.

And since Computex takes place in June (between 4 and 8), that means that the processors will only show up then.

True, Intel will formally introduce them a few days ahead of the show in Taipei, Taiwan, but that still means the units won't ship until the second half of the year.

Thus, since the formal introduction will take place in the second quarter, shipments aren't likely to start before the third.

The same goes for all the Haswell-based laptops and PCs, although motherboards should have no trouble debuting sooner.

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