4K TV May Finally Push for a Leap in Broadband and TV Content

Since it takes a lot of data to produce a 4K image, wider data bands may be needed

  Panasonic 4K TV

Last year, people had an idea of how quickly 3G would cross to LTE/4G, and the forecasts have mostly proven true so far.

4K may change things though. Many TVs and monitors, and even a tablet, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels have appeared.

They won't take the market by storm yet, not with prices of several hundred thousand dollars.

They could cause a faster broadband and TV content development movement though. After all, it was a bit strange at CES 2013, with so many 4K displays but little to no 4K content. Companies played with upscaling technologies, but it is a shade of the technology's true potential.

The interest shown by rich consumers will probably determine how much effort TV content providers and broadband suppliers put into their research.