4GB DDR3 RAM Modules Selling for $25 / €25

Well, at least one memory maker is shipping them for that much

Mainstream prices for DRAM modules increased 16% in the second quarter of 2013, leaving 4 GB modules at around $27.25 / €27.25.

However, while some companies kept boosting their prices, seeking to recover after weak 2009-2011/2012 sales, some didn't.

Kingston Technology, for example, lowered quotes for DRAM modules starting this month (August 2013).

Now it seems that a Korean-based memory maker went a step further, setting the quote for 4GB modules at $25 / €25. Sluggish PC sales and staggered shipments of tablets and smartphones have taken enough of a toll to demand such.

I assume that the Korea-based company that did this is one of those that drew the short straw when it came to landing orders.

Still, the fact it did this could lead to other, larger companies like Samsung and SK Hynix pulling similar maneuvers.

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