4D Scan Reveals Footage of Fetus Yawning

Study shows fetus opening and shutting its mouth repeatedly

4D scans performed by Durham University researchers reveal some fascinating footage in which it appears that a fetus is yawning.

The video is part of a trial, in which similar results were recorded in all the cases. 15 mothers took part in the process, being tested four times along their pregnancy, with the latest scan being performed when they were 36 weeks along, News Australia reports.

Although it appears the fetus is yawning, that has not been confirmed. Some researchers believe the baby is simply opening and closing its mouth, while others are convinced the gesture has all the characteristics of a yawn.

From time to time, the babies would take more time opening their mouth, then speed up the process of closing it, suggesting a yawn.

If the ability to yawn is proven in infants, this is an amazing find, helpful in spotting if they encounter any developmental difficulties.

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