49ers “It Gets Better” Gay Rights Ad Is Pulled

Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga tried to separate themselves from the message of the ad

The “It Gets Better” project will no longer include an ad starring linebacker Ahmad Brooks and tackle Isaac Sopoaga of the San Francisco 49ers.

The players participated in a clip promoting gay rights, which is featured above. The players later denied knowing they had taken part in a campaign fighting bullying of LGBT teens, reports the Inquisitr.

“Something you should never experience is being bullied, intimidated and being pressured into being someone or something that you are not,” Brooks says in the ad.

“It Gets Better” reps believe that the football stars are not suited to represent them, as they tried to dissociate themselves from the message of the ad.

49ers defensive back Chris Culliver didn't make things better by recently stating he would never share a locker room with a member of the LGBT community, a comment he later retracted.

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