46-Megapixel Camera Made by Sigma

The DP3 Merrill Compact uses Foveon X3 direct image sensor

Sony isn't the only company preparing new photo and video capture devices. Sigma also has one on the way, called DP3 Merrill Compact.

The 46-megapixel sensor is the most awe-inspiring component. Sigma has decided to use it even though the camera is a normal SLR gadget.

For those who want details, Foveon X3 direct image sensor can give photographs a 3D feel even when they aren't really 3D.

A three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine 2 processing engine provides fast processing and high image quality too.

Then, there are the Special Low Dispersion glass and aspherical lens elements, which compensate for aberrations that normally happen in small cameras.

The minimum focus distance is of 8.9 inches and the maximum magnification ratio of 1:3 (good for macro shooting).

Pre-orders can be placed for $999 / 999 Euro, but the official page shows $1,400, suggesting that it is only a one-time offer.

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