42% of Lost Mobile Devices Had No Security – Infographic

Here are the key findings of a study conducted by Sophos

In October, security firm Sophos published the results of a study that focused on the absence of security mechanisms on mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Now, the company has released a clever infographic to sum up their findings.

20% of the lost devices contained sensitive details stored on them. The same number of respondents admitted having access to work email, and 35% of them claimed they had their social media details on the misplaced gadgets.

The worrying fact was that 42% of the lost electronic devices had no security at all set in place. Furthermore, over half of them (58%) were never found, which means that the chances for the information stored on them to be misused is considerably high.

Users are advised to have some sort of security solutions installed on all their devices, especially phones, tablets or laptops.

That’s because the information stored on them can fall into the wrong hands not only if they get infected with malware, but also if they’re lost.

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