419 Scam Alert: Win Millions in Yahoo Lottery

Scammers try to trick users into paying them money

Today, a couple of bogus Yahoo-themed lottery emails have landed in my email account. One of them purports to come from Yahoo! Asia and the other one from Yahoo!.

The first, entitled “Yahoo! Asia Winner!” reads something like this: “Your e-mail has won $5,000,000.00 in the Yahoo! Asia Lottery Draws.”

The second one reads: “Your E-mail has Won $ 5,000,000.00 in the october 2013 Yahoo! Lottery Draws.  To claim your prize, Please contact Our agent through the Email below.”

They both instruct recipients to claim their prizes by contacting a certain individual (Mr.Micheal Wilfords or Mr. Edward Moyer) from “Claims Offer.Yahoo Promotions” and provide him with their name, age, gender and contact information.

Of course, no one ever wins anything. Instead, the crooks that run these scams, known as 419 or advance fee scams, will try to trick users into paying them some money that’s allegedly needed to process the transaction.

If you come across such emails, simply ignore them. Check out the gallery to see what the scams look like.


419 scam (2 Images)

Gallery Image
Gallery Image

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