4 Women Fatally Shot at Tulsa Apartment, 23-Year-Old Twin Sisters Among Them

The victims were all young women, either teenagers or in their early 20s

Tulsa, Oklahoma was the scene of a horrific multiple murder on Monday, January 7, as 4 women have lost their lives in an apartment.

Police responding to a 911 call entered Fairmont Terrace Apartments to find the victims’ four bodies. A 3-year-old boy was found alive at the scene, Christian Post reports. He was found uninjured at the crime scene.

The victims were all young women, either teenagers or in their early 20s, Leland Ashley, a Tulsa police spokesman told news outlets.

"Our detectives are beating the bushes and so are our patrol officers and our gang units," he states.

KJRH mentions a family member that identifies two of the victims as 23-year-old twin sisters. There is no information about the connection between the other victims, or between them and the survivor of the attack. Police have not released their identities as of yet, but there is a strong possibility that they were related.

Law enforcement officials are working to pinpoint a suspect, but no person of interest has been brought in for questioning so far. The only thing confirmed at this point is that they had suffered from gunshot wounds before their deaths.

The 911 call was made at noon on Monday, at approximately 12:30 p.m., by someone checking in on the residents, police spokeswoman, Officer Jill Roberson says.

There is a probability that the young boy was a witness to the incident. He was found in a traumatized state and was taken into protective services.

Finding a suspect and a motive may prove tricky, Ashley stresses, as the police are dealing with a multiple homicide, a rare occurrence in Tulsa.

"It's not everyday you see something like this in the city of Tulsa. [...] It's very tough right now," Ashley tells reporters.

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