4 New Windows Azure-Compatible Middleware Products from Fujitsu

Business customers looking to migrate Java and COBOL applications to Windows Azure can now leverage one of four new middleware products from Fujitsu designed for Microsoft’s Cloud platform.

Developers must already know by now that they can take advantage of a range of programming languages when working with Windows Azure, including C#, .NET, but also PHP, Java, Ruby, COBOL, etc.

Fujitsu’s new Windows Azure-compatible middleware products feature runtime environments for Java and COBOL, and will enable customers to conserve their existing software investment while still making the jump from on-premises to the Cloud.

All four new Fujitsu Cloud middleware offerings are designed to play nice with Windows Azure Platform public cloud service and Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP/A5) powered by Windows Azure.

Here is the list of Fujitsu’s new Windows Azure-compatible middleware:

1. Interstage Application Server V1 powered by Windows Azure: Provides the latest Java runtime environment for the Windows Azure Platform

2. NetCOBOL for .NET V4.2: Provides a COBOL runtime environment for the Windows Azure Platform

3. Systemwalker Operation Manager V1 powered by Windows Azure: Coordinates job scheduling between on-premise systems and the Windows Azure Platform

4. Systemwalker Centric Manager V13.5: Central multiplatform system monitoring that includes the Windows Azure Platform

All the new Fujitsu middleware products for Windows Azure enumerated above are available globally, the company revealed, streamlining the development of Java and COBOL Cloud apps and the migration of existing on-premises software.

"We are excited to see Fujitsu make these middleware offerings available, as another example of the ongoing work from our strategic partnership," explained Bill Laing, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Server and Cloud Division.

"Fujitsu is bringing great value to the Windows Azure Platform by delivering middleware that will enable enterprise developers to build and manage applications more easily on both Windows Azure Platform and the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform FGCP/A5, Powered by Windows Azure.

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