4 Killed in Brazil Carnival Float Fire Reuters

Tragedy marks final day of the Carnival, raises more safety questions

After the tragedy that hit Brazil last month, when a club caught fire and 239 people died trapped inside it, the final day of the Carnival celebrations are also marred by a similar, albeit on smaller-scale, tragedy.

Four people have lost their lives after a Carnival float accidentally hit a power line and went up in flames, Reuters reports.

The accident took place in Santos, with authorities now looking into it to determine whether it could have been avoided.

The float had just taken part in the festivities when it hit the power line.

As the aforementioned media outlet notes, this incident, as the previous one as well, is raising more questions about the safety measures implemented by authorities ahead of two events that will see millions of tourists arriving in the country: the soccer World cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games two years later.

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